We will be having a halloween costume party with some amazing Grimross Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
We have some great music lined up,

Young Satan In Love
The Crossroad Devils
The Boo Radley Project

$15 advanced
$20 at the door

Young Satan in love
The setting is Eternity. Satan and the rest of the angels are fast approaching graduation and prom, known forevermore as the Big Bang, which will set in motion time and space as we blow it.

Satan and his closest friends, Pazuzu, Hecubus, Lil’ Leviathan, and Dab –‐ easily the least popular of Paradise High’s teen angels –‐ struggle to find dates to the Big Bang among the plethora of eligible cherubas (female teen angels), with little success. To complicate matters, Satan strongly suspects the Divine Principal has a secret plan behind this Big Bang, plans of an implosive nature. And so Satan and the boys set out to thwart G’s plans the only way they know how: script kitty chemistry and juvenilia arcana. But who is this new cheruba doling out a dish of distractions the future devil’s way?

As a reference point the story occurs well before the more famous “Great Rebellion”. It is an origin myth informed by accidental revelation, slapstick philosophy, and maximum rock and roll.

The crossroad devils
The Crossroad Devils are a four-piece rock outfit based in Fredericton, New Brunswick composed of front man Richie Young (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Liam Kieth-Jacques (guitar), Patrick Gushue (bass), Riley Williams (drums), and live member Adam Tattersall (key) the band’s music is rooted in old-fashioned rock and blues jams. The Crossroad Devils have been playing in this formation for nearly nine months and are an active performing band locally and around the Maritimes.

The Boo radley projet
Hailing from Elora/Guelph ON, the Boo Radley Project is an eight piece (and sometimes larger depending on who is in town) genre-bending collective that fuses funk, indie and jazz. They’ve been likened to everyone from Tower of Power and Mr. Bungle to Primus and Wilco. But really, they’re just Boo, a ragtag group of brothers serving up a quirky, fresh approach to music. Their live shows are high energy featuring an eclectic mix of instrumentation from electric mandolin to a three piece brass section. In addition to the music, the band uses projections to compliment the live performance, creating an immersive, sensory experience. The band has toured southern Ontario, the Canadian East Coast, and has played festival stages at Hillside and Riverfest Elora. Their long-awaited debut LP Bred To Be Loyal will be released Spring 2017. They also want you to know they had a baby dolphin named after them. It’s called Boo and is swimming somewhere off the shores of Hawaii.

Jack Moves
My favorite thing to do is recreate well-known covers and construct original songs live, using just my voice and a looping pedal. Fans of live looping, beatboxing, singing and musical talent in general will especially appreciate! I post a new video every Wednesday; my styles range from hip hop to pop, rock, jazz, funk and more.

Event Performers

Event Date

October 28, 2017

Event Time

08:00 PM

Event Location

600 Bishop Dr, Fredericton, NB E3C 0B4, Canada