Come join us in celebrating colin Fowlie’s 40 th
All are welcome to a fantstic night

Art of the Possible at 8 PM
Kill Chicago at 9:30 PM

$10 at the door

Fredericton-based group Kill Chicago is a blues record played at the wrong speed. They take traditional instrumentation, wrap it around a folk skeleton, and make it dance with 70s Brit punk energy. Not shyly whispered for artists, but bounced off the walls for people from a broke province who deserve a day off. Because the blues are about hard times, punk is about standing your ground, and Kill Chicago is about having a hard time standing your ground.

Art of the Possible is a band that believes that boundaries are meant to be pushed until they break. Built on a rock steady rhythm section, their dueling guitars, monster keys and sibling harmonies are carefully assembled and expertly mixed to bring you a musical experience with an edge. Their repertoire is an adventure through various genres. They bring a unique take on rock, alternative, blues, and even hip hop interspersed with their own original creations. While they prefer grit over glitter, they offer a range of sounds that are sure to bring beauty to the ear of any beholder. Be sure to take the next opportunity to discover the Art of the Possible.

Event Date

November 10, 2017

Event Time

07:00 PM

Ticket Price

Event Location

600 Bishop Dr, Fredericton, NB E3C 0B4, Canada