Jens Jeppesen


Jens Jeppesen is a heavy handed bluegrass folk artist with some of the fastest hands you will see. He can tear down the barn walls with his playing While melting you heart with a velvet voice.

Jens Jeppesen is a heavy handed bluegrass folk artist with some of the fastest hands you will see. He can tear down the barn walls with his playing While melting you heart with a velvet voice.


If Jens Jeppesen died today, he’d be a cult classic tomorrow.

Hailing from small-town Northwestern New Brunswick, Jeppesen is stone cold guaranteed to blow your mind. With an acoustic guitar and the unforgiving work ethic that comes with farm upbringing, he has independently recorded and released four full length studio albums, toured Ontario, Alberta and the Atlantic provinces many times over, and played in several of the East Coast’s premier musical events- all in the first 3 years of his career.

Recently headlined the first night of the midwinter concert sponsored by Alianait music festival in Iqaluit in celebration of Canada’s 150 birthday celebration

Jens is a high-energy folk/bluegrass/traditional/country hybrid. His material offers up a heavy-handed bluegrass strum with an old-country storytelling style of lyrics-a traditional sound infused with youthful energy to produce an intense rhythmic attack. His songwriting skill transcends his young age as he recounts timeless stories of the heartbreaking and beautiful tenacity of the working class, and shares accounts of good old-fashioned romantic misfortune with sincerity-and vitriol-that lends freshness to the age-old themes. In addition to his own material, he knocks out virtuoso covers of barroom standards. While Jens primarily tours as an acoustic guitar solo act, he records, and occasionally performs, with his backing band, The Hands of Time and as a duo with Joel Leblanc of Hot Toddy fame. Whether solo or with the band, Jens’ has entertained crowds wherever he’s rambled with vibrant performances that are quickly becoming renowned for both their warmth and furious energy.

The inexhaustible spirit of Jens’ music and performance translates into his touring and recording. In the past year, Jens has played over a hundred shows in Canada in support of his albums “Making Time”, “Time to Go” and “Time Alone.” Never one to take a beak Jens is currently working on a live album as well as a storytellers DVD explaining the meaning behind the songs in his body of work. Jens looks to refine the music that he loves without losing the edge, the intensity or the excitement that he is known for.

His talent and relentless schedule have earned him a devoted following in many communities and significant critical attention in his home province. In late 2007, coinciding with the release of “Time to Go,” Jens was touted as “NB’s New Fave Kid” on the cover of provincial arts and culture paper [here]. In 2010 Jens was the winner of the MNB Spiritual award for his album “Miles to Go.” Jens has enjoyed CBC Radio airplay, was featured at numerous ECMA events (including the Discovery Stage, NB room, and an evening with fellow musicians Matt Andersen, Ross Neilson, and The Hupman Brothers that was broadcast over Aliant’s website) and was selected from over 400 applicants to be one of five finalists in the N.B. Harvest Jazz and Blues Rising Star Showcase (for 3 years in a row). Jens yearly plays a variety of festivals (including Big Wave, Larley Creek Hullabaloo, Salty Jam, Sunseeker, Kemp Shore, Folly Fest and Stan Rogers Folk Festival), collaborated with Scott Hupman (The Hupman Brothers), and Alex Madsen (of the ECMA winning band The Divorcees), and has recently shared the stage with the likes of Matt Andersen, Ross Neilsen, David Myles, Thom Swift, Rose Cousins, Xavier Rudd, United Steel Workers of Montreal, Chris Colepaugh and Old Man Luedecke.

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