luke & the drifters

Luke & the Drifters

Luke & The Drifters are a three piece rock and blues band from Millville and Woodstock, NB.

Luke & The Drifters are a three-piece, original, rock, and blues band from Millville, New Brunswick and Woodstock, New Brunswick.
Lucas Cullins along with his brother Devon Cullins began writing music in 2012 which were heavily influenced by the blues. This was the result their first three established songs such as Foolish, Morning Breeze Boogie, and Chasing Lightning. As time passed the sound became a more rock and roll feel. The writing continued on for a few more years and the search began for a drummer that would match their sound. It was in the summer of 2014 when the magic happened. We found Drew Nicholson from the town of Woodstock, New Brunswick. He stepped into the mix and there was instant chemistry. Within time some serious sound started coming out of the small village of Millville, NB. Since then, shows started getting lined up and New Brunswick found a new sound coming from within the depths. Luke & The Drifters released their first EP, Beasts of the Now, in August of 2015 produced by 2 Dogs Productions. This EP came out of their studio from Fredericton, New Brunswick. With it they have accomplished milestones to be proud of such as being aired on Q104 FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and CHSR FM in Fredericton, New Brunswick which it has been charted on their list of the top 30 artists.

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