the falling leaves

The Falling Leaves

The falling leaves are a psychedelic folk band from Fredericton NB. The Falling Leaves know what you did last summer. But they don't judge you.

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In a harmoniously vivacious blend, folk, blues, rock, bluegrass, ragtime and indie come together by way of The Falling Leaves, as six skilled musicians tap into the flow of Music with ease. Differing sounds clamber to create a visceral dance in the collective soul of the audience. Introspective lyrics coupled with decades worth of musical experience allows The Falling Leaves to create an atmosphere in which Music is given the chance to thrive. Alex Green (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Patrick Gushue (Fiddle/Vocals), Scott Michaud (Banjo/Vocals), Calum Jackson (Guitarrón/Vocals), Andrew Spurway (Percussion), and Liam Keith-Jacques (Dobro/Vocals) are friends bonded by each member’s passion for their instrument. Music bleeds through each performance, in an ever-changing experience for all involved. Each song leans on a different instrument, and in a jamming harmony, the melody circulates in excited uncertainty of the course it will take. Just as a leaf cannot help but dance on its float from the tree, the creations of this friendship will reverberate through each listener’s soul, causing an undeniable toe-tapping sway.falling leaves 2

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