How to Buy High-Quality shower head arm

How to Buy High-Quality shower head arm

When you intend to buy a shower head arm, you must check certain properties to ensure that you are buying high-quality products. A low quality shower arm will likely inconvenience you in the long run, as the arm ages. Since the shower head arm holds the shower head, it's a smart investment choice to go for something solid and of quality. It's only a matter of time before a low quality arm gives way and causes the shower head to come crashing down. Why take such risks?

Introduction to shower head arm

Shower head arm acts as a support that holds and connects the shower head to the plumbing outlet. For wall mounted shower head arms, the rest of the plumbing is often hidden behind the bathroom tiling. For those not mounted, the shower head arm is often an extension of the shower rail.

The shower head arm helps project the shower rail or hidden plumbing from the wall, in traditional shower head sets. This way, users would have ample space to shower, without colliding with the bathroom wall. In a handheld showerhead, the shower head arm is shorter and attached to the flexibility and extendable shower hose.

How can you buy a high-quality shower head arm?

When it comes to buying a high-quality shower head arm, you have to look out for certain features to ensure that you are going.


Since shower head arms acts as support for the showerhead, you'll want the arm to be made of a solid material that's corrosion-resistant. Some shower head arms are made with lightweight plastic, while some others are made with stainless steel, brass, and polish nickel.

If you are hoping to buy quality, you should consider going for a type of shower head that can last for a longer time without easily getting damaged. Stainless steels and other top-quality materials can guarantee the shower head arm durability. However, plastic can easily damage over time.

Design and style

There are three major designs of shower head arms — standard, straight, and gooseneck or S-shaped. The standard arms are the basic designs. They are simple and have a shorter extension. They're designed primarily for support with zero aesthetic appeal.

Straight arms are newer designs to complement bathroom interiors. They are straight and are often attached at a 90° angle to the shower rail. Since the arm is fully straight, it's easy to attach rainfall showerheads.

Gooseneck or S-shaped arms are designed for an increased arm height. They are preferred when the shower rail is installed in a lower position than the height of the user. Gooseneck arms give an extra height before attaching the shower head.

Reputation of the suppliers

If the shower arm is manufactured by a top known company, you should feel safe buying it. However, if you are not sure about the manufacturer, you should consider doing extensive research on the quality of their products. A good place to start is from public customer reviews and ratings.


When you plan to buy a shower head arm, you should check certain features before proceeding with the purchase. The shower head arm acts as support for the shower head and should be taken seriously to avoid accidents and injuries. Other than the price of the shower head arm, you have to ensure you're buying a product made from top quality material. The design and style should come into play if you're looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of the bathroom.