The CEO’s Sexy Neighbor Review

The CEO’s Sexy Neighbor Review

Bradley Ashford is fresh out of divorce. It was not a typical divorce, but a noisy and messy one. After seven years, he can now enjoy a breath of fresh air. He only needs a peaceful, quiet place where he does not want to deal with people again, especially women. In short, he has found women to be his best enemies. He despises them, loathes them and needs a quiet place that is a perfect haven for his son who needs help to overcome the trauma of the divorce. Where does the title of sexy neighbor come from?

Who is the CEO?

Bradley Ashford is thirty-two years old and owns a company that offers linguistic validation and translation services. Although the company is small, he is filthy rich. He never hides his wealth and shows off everything starting from the expensive suits, cars, and houses.

Nevertheless, he is too serious. He hardly talks and never laughs. He even does not pay attention to the neighbors.

Who is the Wife?

Miriam, also known as Miriam Lopez is only twenty-six years old and an upcoming writer. Since she is a writer, she spends most of the time in the house writing. She does not have the social life like other women. Even her close relatives complain about her personal life. They say she might die even without seeing her grandchildren.

Although Miriam owns a successful writing company, she has started being solitude. The loneliness is killing her.

Young Rich Man

Miriam’s interest in the new neighbor was sparked when she had that he was rich and young. The young man did not even bargain, but just bought the house in cash. However, the man was equally not talkative. In fact, he barely said even two words.

First Encounter

“Good morning. I am your neighbor” said Miriam. As Miriam was saying this, she kept pointing to the smaller cottage. Miriam was shocked when the neighbor looked at him with unreadable eyes for a few seconds. A lot of things run through Miriam’s mind. Well, “I am not fat, actually I am not slim, but have a sexy figure. I have C cups for breasts and the hips are just too much.” She also noticed that she did not run a comb through her hair. Well, she could not imagine what she looked like. Even then she did not think that would be the reason the neighbor was arrogant.

Miriam turned out to be arrogant, telling the new neighbor off. She felt angry because the new neighbor made her feel self-conscious. In fact, he was no different from her ex-boyfriend. Even after this, Bradley did not utter a word. Miriam turned and got back to her house.

After the terrible meeting, Miriam took her time to research more about the new neighbor. It took her over three weeks to know this man. And when they meet for the second time, the man was simply impressed by Miriam even without saying a word.

Final Thoughts

This is a great romance novel.  Miriam goes all her way to win over the neighbor who hated women. In the end, she is the CEO’s Sexy Neighbor.