Tips In How To Play The Kalimba Like A Pro

Tips In How To Play The Kalimba Like A Pro

One of the things you will notice about playing the kalimba is how easy it is. The hardest thing about it is to start. There are so many kalimba songs online that you will be spoilt for choosing which one to play and which one to leave out. Here are the pointers on what you should do when you want to play the kalimba.

1.      Tune your kalimba

Before you start playing, ensure your kalimba is tuned. The best way to do this is to get an app tuner online. It will help you listen in on the sounds your kalimba makes when stuck. Play the tuner alongside your kalimba keys and listen to the sound it produces. You might have to use the kalimba hammer to push the keys up or down until you get the right sound. The kalimbas' good thing is that you do not have to tune it every time. The right tune will be carried for days on end. Despite this, you should listen to the sounds the kalimba produces every time you tune it.

2.      Hold the kalimba right

Hold it in both your hands to ensure you are striking the cords right. Your fingers should be behind the instruments, and your thumbs free to hold them. That way, you have more control over the pressure you use on the cords and can hold a chord longer or shorter. Playing it with one hand will not work since there will be no pressure on the entire instrument. It might also fall and get damaged.

3.      Know how to strike the chores

The other thing you need to know before starting is how to strike a chord. All you will need to do is use your thumbs, although some people use their fingers. The chords alternate from left to right like they would in a piano. Some of the kalimbas come with keys printed on the tines, making them easier to read. To create a sound, gently push down on the tine and release. The pressure will create the sound you want. Practice this until you get it right.

4.      Learn how to play chords

The other thing you should learn that will produce more decadent music is playing a chord at a time. In this scenario, hold down the two tines that are needed for the chord and the same time and release them. It might be tricky to master at first, but you will be able to play this perfectly after a while.

5.      Experiment with the techniques

Once you have mastered the techniques and chords, you need to figure out the different techniques there are to the instrument. There are so many techniques that will improve the way you play. It will be something that you will learn how to do overtime.

Last word

Playing the kalimba is an interesting experience. With the pointers above, you can come to a place where you can play the kalimba with so much efficiency. Take the time to learn what playing the kalimba entails, and you will realize it is an experience that is worth it.